East Sussex

East Sussex:
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Lewes, East Sussex

An important site in British history


Anne of Cleves
was Henry VIII's fourth wife,
a very brief occupation.
Very little is known about her.

The Barbican Gate
of Lewes Castle

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my all-too-brief
home in Hellingly


Hellingly, East Sussex

Sadly, this is
the only photo
I took here.

On the plus side,
I was too busy
having fun
to take pictures.


Pevensey Bay, East Sussex

Historically, Pevensey Bay is where, on September 28, 1066, Duke William of Normandy landed
to claim the English throne
after the death of Edward the Confessor.

The Norman invasion had officially begun.

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The Royal Pavilion,
brought to you by
the man to the right


I'm George IV
My Dad is the Mad One


More asphodel, anyone?

Rather dramatic, no?

Quite a hilly place.
Not unlike San Francisco,
and not just geographically
(nudge nudge wink wink)

I didn't do my homework ...

I was supposed to watch Quadrophenia
before I came here but I
didn't have enough time,

I did, however, listen to
" Brighton Rock" by Queen
in the morning before

The "Famous (?) Spiegeltent."
I didn't go in, so I have no
idea if it is really full of
German mirrors

The Brighton Pier

The Brighton Pier

The Lanes, a very cool
shopping district

The Lanes. I had a great
chili burger not far from here!
LewesHellinglyPevensey BayBrighton
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