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Welcome to Pungent Records, the lately neglected division of the Pungent sector of the THink conglomerate. To date we have only one music-related item here to pique your interest, but we are quite confident that pique it, it shall.

The item to which we refer is the "Clearinghouse" CD by Tom Hofer.

Q: I'm sorry. Who?

A: Tom has been a nearly-invisible stalwart of the Los Angeles underground music scene for the last 22 years. He is currently performing in a band with 3 other esteemed LA rock musicians under leader/guitArtist Kjehl Johansen.

This CD contains 14 of the best songs he has written over the last 20 years, and is the first of what we guarantee will be an entire platoon of collectible music. 



Tom's influences range from Mozart to the Minutemen, Beethoven to the Bad Brains to the Buzzcocks, blues to Duke Ellington to Harry Belafonte to the Stranglers. (Whoops! Not a very linear progression, but accurate nonetheless.) Throw in Bulgarian folk, the Faikava Love Song (Nonesuch Explorer Series H-70288), German Christmas carols and the Young Frankenstein film soundtrack, and you've scratched the surface of what music filters through Tom's ever-percolatin' noggin.

From toe-tapping to butt-kicking, the accent is on sharp, intelligent lyrics and melodies that won't leave your head no matter how hard you slam your head against the wall.

So come on in, browse around, and stay as long as you like. Don't be afraid to touch anything, and if you get lost wandering around, the pathway home is never far away. And don't forget to visit our souvenir shop before you leave.

Hey! Wipe your feet first, pilgrim!