castle remains

view along the canal

New College: the gate leading to
"The Mound"

incredible …

New College Chapel


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Thank you to Michael Jago
for identifying the locations
for these captions. Ta!

You do NOT walk on the grass

Oriel College

Carfax Tower

Carfax, the center of the city!

one of my favorite shots from the entire trip

A rather disappointing bar - but it looked great from here

I believe it's called the Painted Room

the ubiquitous insignia of the Order of the Garter

Yes, you too can own a bit of history

click here for photos of some of Oxford's stained glass windows
click here for photos of some
of Oxfords many gargoyles

awesome, in the true
sense of the word
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I just loved the juxtaposition:
a cellphone store,
built centuries ago!

an afternoon of cricket
in Christ Church Meadows

The Botanical Garden

student "dorms" ?!

St. Edmund Hall

University College

another immaculate quad

All Souls College

Nicholas Hawksmoor's twin towers in All Souls College

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